Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NASA engineer scores hit with iPad Halloween Costumes - Volkskrant

By: Heleen van Lier – 10/21/13, 14:32

Two years ago threw NASA engineer Mark Rober high with a creative Halloween splurge. By an iPad on his belly and an iPad to tie on his back and on, the cameras seemed like he had a gaping hole in his abdomen. The YouTube video in which he explains how he does it, has been viewed millions of times. Now Rober his job at NASA terminated to be able to devote interactive Halloween costumes.

After his original idea the world was about, he developed in his spare time a smartphone app and started selling matching T-shirts in their own webshop. In one month Rober had already converted 250 thousand dollars. This summer, his company bought by a British maker of morph suits, spandexpakken that cover the entire body.

Your job remains
Rober joined NASA in service to creative Director of the company. “At NASA they said you have to seize this opportunity, your job here will continue to exist,” says Rober at BusinessWeek. Rober made at NASA part of the team that Mars explorer Curiosity developed.

The collection comprises all kinds of interactive suits, suitable for various smartphones, including address where it looks like the guts fell, suits with moving zombie eyes and deal with beating hearts.

The suits have been pretty popular, two weeks before Halloween, sales have risen by 400 percent compared to last year. Rober hopes to attract Halloween than his business. Wider He is already in talks with Walt Disney to get around Disney heroes and he is working on Christmas address. “It’s not something you would wear three times a week but if you want to make when you leave an impression. We believe there is definitely a market for it. “

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