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Add users and create profiles on your Android tablet - Tablets Magazine

From Android 4.2 for tablets, also known as Jelly Bean, it is possible to add users and create. limited profiles For example you can create an account for your children, in addition to your own account. But you can also create an account for work and one for private. In this article we will show you the steps you must follow to create.

different users and profiles

The different flavors

There are several ways to use this functionality. To best use of it is equally important to know. Various flavors Each type of account because of its unique properties.

The lead manager

each tablet is a main administrator present. This is the first account that is created with this account and it is possible to create other accounts. Both users and limited profiles can be created by the main administrator.

The main administrator can not be changed. This is fixed after the initial installation of the tablet. It is therefore not possible to appoint chief administrator.

another user


users that you create can setup their account themselves. They have their own storage space for documents and media, as well as users themselves can install and remove apps. But visually, users have complete freedom. They can furnish their home screen with widgets and wallpapers themselves. So each user gets really his own account. And the user can protect his account through a password or pattern. Course

Overview Android tablet users to add users and create profiles on your Android tablet

Limited profiles

Unlike a user is a limited profile managed by the administrator of the tablet. The administrator can decide which apps are and which are not enabled. There is a limited account perfect for kids for example.

If you create a limited profile is also important to secure.’s account manager Here you will also get a mention.

Add notification profile Create users and create profiles on your Android tablet

User profile

or Create

In the “Settings” on your tablet you can go to “Device” and then “Users” both users (from Android 4.2 ) and limited profiles (from Android 4.3 ) Create.

Add User or profile tablet users and create profiles on your Android tablet

a new account or profile setting

Setting up a new user’s account is similar to the design of a new tablet. You get the same set-up presented which guides you through the appropriate steps.

Add Setting User tablet users and create profiles on your Android tablet

limited profile must be set from the profile of the main account. Since the administrator can specify which of the tablet apps and settings are allowed. The administrator can change these limits at any time.

Settings limited profile Add Android User profiles and create on your Android tablet

Installing apps

It is also good to know that apps are only installed once. If both the main administrator if a user install the same app, the app actually once installed but the personal data is stored for each user.

exchange between users

Switching between accounts is easy. On the lock screen you can choose between users by pressing. On the icon of the user Then you are logged in as the correct user, depending on the need to enter a password or pattern. It’s that simple.

log-Android tablet users and create profiles on your Android tablet


the various accounts

Just like on your home computer, you can now maintain different settings for different users. So my wife and I on my tablet each have their own account with our own institutions. Never no more hassle to institutions that are not put back. Delicious!

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