Friday, October 18, 2013

'IPad and MacBook get fingerprint scanner' - Techzine

After the iPhone 5S will the new iPad and MacBook will have. a Touch ID fingerprint scanner Patently Apple did confirm that the published patents that Apple was going to use a fingerprint scanner on the new iPad and MacBook.

The fingerprint scanner can be used in the iPhone 5S (review) to unlock the phone or confirm in the Apple app store without having to enter a password. purchases To date, however Touch ID

not used by third parties.

These functions will be so in all likelihood also added to the iPad and MacBook. The iPad will be placed in ID Touch the Home button. How this should work exactly the MacBook is not yet clear.

Next week, Apple will most likely present the new iPads. Will be confirmed or indeed the Apple Touch ID technology to use for the new iPads. It will then be whether the new iPad mini 2 will indeed have a Retina Display and that the tablets Apple indeed like the iPhone 5S in gold and Space Gray become available. Clear

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