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iPad Air lovely but predictable - BNR


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“First and foremost, it is a wonderful product. But it’s actually evolution. You might expect this kind of devices that they are getting better and faster. It would be really crazy if it was not so. “

With the introduction of a new Apple product should obviously a movie in which the people of Apple explain how wonderful the new device is said Schuurman. “It is explained that it was a huge challenge, because people want faster and thinner.” And that is hard to match but it is yet again ‘, “Schuurman quotes from the introduction movie.

“If you see it for the first time then you would indeed really fall off your chair And now you think,. that is indeed a beautiful iPad. But you are also obliged to your position that it is beautiful. “

The new iPad is mostly thinner, 25 percent compared with its predecessor, and he is faster. Critics continue their questioning the naming of the new iPad. A question that also came against Schuurman. “Most people know that it refers to the very thin laptop, that is also beautiful. But it is not a new feature. It is in the specifications that you already forgotten when you’re walking around with it. It is natural not to those specifications but whether you can bring something new or if it is really another device. And that is since 2010, has existed since the iPad, actually not really happen. “

The iPad Air will cost 479 euros, the old model is in stores for 289 euros. “As a kind of budget model,” said Schuurman. “But if you towards Christmas or Christmas will buy such a thing, you probably buy it.” He expects the number of people replace their old iPad with the new iPad Air from going to fall. “Because it is slightly better and faster, but not such a huge transition that you should replace the old. Stuff”

Market share
The market share of the competing Android operating system continues to grow and now reaches 60 percent. Apple now has about 30 percent of the tablet market in his hands with iPads. And although Android seems bigger, Apple is still the market leader when it comes to the hardware. “Because the difference is of course that the Anroid tablets are distributed over many brands. So Apple is still the most important brand in the tablet market.”

The tablet market is also becoming increasingly important for Apple, says Schuurman, and that is partly due to the collapse of the PC market. “In that sense, I also understand that this is actually their main device is to be. They really are still good at.”

No revolutions
Technology freaks hoped leading up to this announcement might be on a new revolutionary product Apple. The question arises as to whether it’s done with the revolutions in the kitchen of Apple. “The longer it fails, the more you can say it all really was in Jobs and that nothing more was on the shelf. The most concrete product is the iWatch, that would be a smart watch are. Moreover, it is true that them there as long wait that other smart watches come already. “

Schuurman has a theory. “The term is really stuck with Apple iWatch So there they go do something with it, but that can also have a TV because you ‘watcht’ also TV, you might say, and Steve Jobs has said,….” I’ve finally cracked it. “That all sounds very mysterious. So we really still waiting for that very nice new product.”

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