Sunday, October 13, 2013

Samsung is working on tablet with two operating systems - PC

A mobile operating system on a tablet is apparently not enough for electronics giant Samsung. The South Korean company is namely a tablet computer running both Android and Windows RT.

According to the Russian telecom expert Eldar Murtazin get Samsung’s new ‘dual boot tablet 12 inch screen, and users can choose at startup which OS they want to use. More Murtazin could not tell and it is not yet known what kind of hardware device is running or when the tablet should be in stores. The Russian blogger has the device is allowed to use all of yourself and let know that the tablet works reasonably.

Idea Microsoft

tablet with multiple operating systems would be an idea of ??Microsoft, says Murtazin. Microsoft tried according to the blogger earlier to persuade developing with Android and Windows Phone 8 HTC phones and now requires the software giant Samsung to develop. A dual boot device Microsoft hopes to increase. Significantly with the new devices are market share in the smartphone and tablet market


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