Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iPad Air: the first 64-bit tablet (video) - Macworld

Oct 23. 2013

iPad Air

Oct 23. 2013

Video Apple’s fifth generation tablet, like smartphone flagship iPhone 5S a 64-bit ARM processor on board. In terms there are some small steps made.


Yesterday Apple presented its new generation of iPads in San Francisco. In addition to the second mini ipad, which is provided with a Retina-screen, there was also the fifth IPAD. The latest Apple iPad tablet is renamed Air, and gives it the same name it as Apple’s thin laptop, the Macbook Air.

iPad Air is compared with its predecessor back thinner and lighter. In terms of thickness, it is a decrease of 20 percent, even 30 percent by weight. This ensures that the tablet is 7.5 millimeters thick and weighs 469 grams. What is also striking: the iPad Air has a smaller screen bezel, similar to the iPad mini. In terms of screen size (9.7 inches) and resolution (2048 by 1536 pixels) nothing changes.

This is in contrast to the intestines. As with the iPhone, Apple 5S are 64-bit processor A7 stopped in a tablet, unique. M7 also motion sensor, manufactured by our own chipmaker NXP, makes his debut in the tablet. Although iOS apps still need to adjust this here promising for the near future. From 1 November iPad Air in Netherlands available from 479 euros.

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