Friday, October 11, 2013

Drift Mania Street Outlaws: cracks and slipping on iPhone and iPad -

Drift Mania Street Outlaws iPad header A new week, a new racing game seems so slowly or the creed on the iPhone and iPad. After Real Racing 3, Fast & Furious 6, 2K Drive, Asphalt 8: Airborne and last week GT Racing 2 is now Drift Mania: Street Outlaws in the App Store. It is the third real game in the popular series in which you as long as possible and slipping the curves comes with your car. This time you start a career in the game and your first row in a barrel that you can tune and continually expanding.

But the most notable change from the predecessors are the images of the game. Where the first part looked a bit clumsy and you could be of Drift Mania Championship 2 because really everything turned, literally sick is Street Outlaws with very neat and clean images. The fictional car models may not be as detailed as in the aforementioned competition, but you race on nice clear, wide jobs rapidly ignore you.

Points for drifting

Drift Mania car tuning Drift Mania: Street Outlaws for iPhone and iPad sends standard with tilt steering and our experience is that control is more pleasant than the wheel on the screen, giving you the panache gets a little out of the car. That is all determine your score: the faster and longer you drifts in the corners, the more points. Plus, you get extra points if you drift in the blue marked bonus zone. The speed you determine manually: right of it you will see an indication of how much gas will give you. If a drive in a collision ends, you lose the points. Fortunately, the slip control carried so far that just drive straight really a challenge.



the ‘story’ of the game you start with a very simple car which you are encouraged to provide the tuning ASAP. The game has up to 48 upgrades to performance area as braking, speed and acceleration and stand apart from the hundreds of bumpers, wheels and stickers that you can spend on cars. Where as before you invest in? The first car did not even keyed bumpers … The urge to give money comes from naturally not fall from the sky. In-app purchases can significantly bijschieten to your car to appreciate.


Plenty to do

Drift Mania side-by-side racing Street Outlaws has plenty to do. The 13 tracks do not like about it, but in the city, desert and snow or varied enough. In addition, each circuit has numerous side roads that keep it fun to play them multiple times. Furthermore crawl behind the wheel of 21 non-existent, but known common cars, you have a choice of five cameras and three difficulty levels. In addition to the career mode, you can also start loose drift competitions and you can race online against friends.

Leaps Forward

finish Drift Mania: Street Outlaws is not at such a high plan competition. The images are clean but not as detailed as other games and also the cars look sometimes simple. But Drift Mania is there by leaps gone on ahead. The game is better than ever, looks better and is a feast for the tuning enthusiast.

Download: Drift Mania: Street Outlaws (€ 0.89, universal, iPhone 4 +, iPad 2 +, iPod touch 4 +, iOS 4.3 +)

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