Monday, October 14, 2013

Google Ingress game from 2014 also on iPhone and iPad -

ingress android Google, the popular mobile game Ingress also release in 2014 on iOS. That has a Ingress product manager Brandon Badger confirmed to AllThingsD. Badger could not give an exact release date. Since Ingress for Android became available last November, the game more than a million visitors worldwide. You use the game in your mobile phone to search for clues in the real world. That way you can find clues to uncover who is discovered by a group of scientists in Europe.

You choose for one of the two teams: “The Enlightened” would like to use the new energy, while ‘The Resistance’ is just against. Thanks to augmented reality is your own living part of the game. Previously Ingress play.

just a detour on the iPhone

During your quest you bowl against objects that help you in your quest. By working together with other players, you can make progress for your organization, the Enlightened or the Resistance. As the game played worldwide, the playing field is huge. You can view the progress of other players around the world and communicate with others via an Intelligence card. Through a website (Niantic Project) are found additional evidence and because the story evolved every day, keep you enthralled.

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the game still on iOS and Android releases does not exclusively, may have to do with numbers of players. iOS has become a gigantic game platform where you actually can not ignore as a game developer. With around 1 million iOS devices in 2014, the number of players Ingress to rise sharply and seems to be the current one million players just the beginning.

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