Sunday, October 27, 2013

First tablet with Tizen OS released -

Since I’m agree with you, because you just saw that Google did this on purpose, for the even smaller BB OS came like a YouTube app.

However it is true that Google has a lot more power than Microsoft ever had, will be extremely difficult, so Google beat though I hope a huge hate Smasung I secretly that Tizen is popular, or that Apple (who after Android also has a substantial market share) is simply more open ect.

But nothing is impossible, for the iPhone saw the telcom market is completely different, Apple has wiped out everyone and then Android came out that worked in Google’s favor, because it was so open and affordable.

So anything is possible, who knows, there ever a system that pulls that again, but not perce Tizen eg a different OS, but I’m afraid that Google is everywhere in control, and even companies like Microsoft can keep under control .

As Google does not really aggressive I think.

Funny how Google has become enormous, and remember that it began with a simple search engine  :)

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