Saturday, October 19, 2013

7 iPad and Android Games That You Should Have Played Well - Androidics

Classics in the making, pearls in shell or games you should have played. The following list includes a selection of games that you can not have missed in recent years. Time for a list.

Kingdom Rush

“Defend the tower 2.0″, the game is not exactly by adding extra features, but simply has to do it well. The interface is clear, the operation runs smoothly, seeing fights look good and above all never lose the game the red wire from the eye. Balanced and very fun to play. The game is available for € 0.89 (iPad) or € 1.46 (Android).

Kingdom Rush

Pirates Showdown

Argh! Pirates Showdown in step with the world of polished cannonballs, treasures, and great sea battles. This role-playing (RPG) manages to integrate the clich├ęs know well flashy graphics and houses all in a nice story. Discover yourself in the pirate and sail the seven seas. Available for € 2.69 (iPad) or € 2.29 (Android).

Games Dev Story

Why not play a game that has to develop your own game. as subject Open your office, define the genre, pull staff, and let the games developed by your flying out of the store. Fans of simulation games can not on their heart with this, carried out in retro style, business simulator. Games Dev Story is available for € 3.59 (iPad) and € 1.88 (Android). A comprehensive alternative to the desktop is Gamebiz 3.

Games Dev Story

Bad Piggies HD

green pigs from the Angry Birds series, have got their own game. A game where the animals can not be fired in contrast to the previous sections, a catapult but where you’ll have to help build the most “remarkable” vehicles for them. With more than 80 missions, and very different goals, this episode is the expectations more than true. For sale for € 0.89 (iPad) and Android for free.

Tiny Tower

Create the highest tower, inn, new residents, and care for the right jobs. Partly inspired by Sim Tower developers have to build towers brought to new heights. Plus is the excellent gameplay, minus the graphics deficits. All in all, highly recommended for the down time. Free to play on the iPad and on Android Tablets.

Tiny Towers

Nes Emulator

Nes Emulator does what he says to do. A more than excellent emulator of one of the world’s most popular game consoles. Travel back to the ’80s and play games like Super Mario Bros., Metroid and the Legend of Zelda. Note that any games are not included. You bought this time machine for bad € 3.49 (Android Only).

Slots ™

slot with free spins, wild symbols and bonus rounds. Neon lights, jingling money and matching ambience. The developers promise a “Las Vegas Experience” and know more than that to make this promise. The aim of the game is not playing for money, but gaining points. Play the slots, climb the rankings and beat your friends. Slots ™ is to play on both Android and iPad for free. More information about these slots.


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