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New Macbook Air lot thinner - all new Apple products - nrc.nl

Apple has tonight during a press conference in San Francisco, the successor to the iPad 4 announced: the iPad Air. The new iPad is a lot lighter than its predecessor and has a new design.

iPad Air is available from 1 November in the Netherlands.

New iPads

iPad Air is 7.5 millimeters thick and thus 20 percent thinner than its predecessor. The new iPad features Apple’s latest A7 processor, which among others provides support for running 64-bit applications. The iPad Air is available in silver / white and gray / black.

addition to the new iPad Apple iPad Mini Air has also given an update. The new mini is now like a big iPad retina display (high resolution screen, ed) and has the same processor as the large iPad. The iPad mini is available later in November.

iPad Air is available from 479 euros, from 389 euros the iPad mini. In the case of the iPad mini means that a price of 54 euros. The first iPad mini cost 335 euros. Besides the new iPads iPad 2 and original iPad mini remain available for 289 and 379 euros.


update iLife, iWork – OS X 10.9 free

Apple iLife and iWork software packages are aligned more with iOS 7. Applications like iPhoto and iMovie have been given a new look and Apple’s office suite, iWork, is also updated.

addition, as of today the latest version of OS X, the operating system for Mac, free download. OS X Mavericks is mainly an update under the ‘hood’.

New MacBook Pros and Mac Pros

Besides new iPads, Apple has also refreshed its retina MacBook Pro line and Mac Pro. The retinal MacBooks have a new processor and improved battery life. The Mac Pro, designed to include film, music and photo professionals, has received a major update.


Apple has announced a number of figures during his press conference. During the opening weekend of the iPhone and 5c 5s have been sold. 9 million iPhones

Furthermore, there are currently more than one million applications in Apple’s App Store, which together accounted for a total of 60 billion downloads. in Of the million applications there are over 475,000 for the iPad.

Android master on tablet market

When Apple iPad released in 2010 the first the company was by far the largest in the tablet market. In the initial phase had iOS – the operating system of the iPad – a market share of over 80 percent


, Android manufacturers were not silent and produced in the past three years, many alternatives to the iPad. In the beginning these were often negatively received. In particular the lack of good applications for tablets was a problem.

Meanwhile, the relationship changed completely. Today, 60 percent of the Android market, and Apple has dropped to 30 percent. There are more and more apps that are suitable for Android tablets and Google has worked hard on the appearance of the tablets. An example of this is the Nexus 7.

iPad remains important tablet

Yet Apple still has an important position. There are still many more iPads than Samsung tablets and since many manufacturers use the Google operating system is only whether the Samsung fails to get bigger than Apple.

Want to know what the alternatives are for tonight announced iPads? Check out our list of alternatives to the iPad.

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