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iPad 5: This you can expect - Apple Spot

 img 525ea971327c7 iPad 5: This you can expect

Next Tuesday at 19.00 is again: Apple is holding a news media event. At the invitation of Apple, the phrase ‘ We still have a lot to cover . This means you can expect quite a bit from Apple. During this keynote So we expect to include the unveiling of the new iPad 5. What you can expect from the iPad 5? Exactly That we cover in this article.

New design, smaller and available in new colors

 img 524c0a4882950 iPad 5: This you can expect

It was one of the first rumors appeared: the iPad 5 gets a new design. The chances are very high that this rumor is true, because it is a logical move by Apple. The iPad 5 would be a design should be equivalent to the iPad mini. The screen will retain its natural size, namely a 9.7-inch Retina display.

Instead, Apple will make the edges a bit narrower on the left and right of the screen. Besides this, the iPad 5 also a lot still need to be lighter and thinner naturally. The current iPad 4 because it can lose some weight.

Finally, we expect that the iPad will be available in new colors, as is the case with the iPhone 5s. 5 available Where you can order in black, now an iPad, the iPad 4 5 likely to be available in the colors gray and silver space. However, rumors are circulating about a golden iPad 5, but we have no pictures of it leaking.

Touch ID fingerprint scanner

 img 525eac778c1f0 iPad 5: This you can expect Currently the Apple iPhone 5s only device that is equipped with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner. If we have several leaked parts and references in iOS 7 may believe also get the new iPad 5 a Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

This would also be a logical move for Apple. This iPad 5 finally makes a safer device, especially if you consider that the iPad is a popular device among thieves. Should the iPad get 5 Touch ID, then the home button of course just like the iPhone 5s. Moreover, the chances are high that the iPad mini 2 Touch a fingerprint ID scanner will get.

faster 64-bit processor A7X

 img 525eae17377bf iPad 5: This you can expect The iPhone 5s has an advanced 64-bit A7 processor with a M7 coprocessor. Now we naturally expect that the iPad will get 5 same but in the form of a 64-bit processor A7X. An iPad is finally some more graphics power is needed than an iPhone because the Retina display with a 2048 × 1536 resolution.

We expect the iPad 5 no M7-coprocessor will get, but of course we do not know for sure. The M7 coprocessor is in fact intended for sports apps that you previously used on an iPhone or iPad. The A7X processor would have to make the iPad finally making load times of heavy games dwindled.

a lot faster

Better camera

 img 524c66b988be2 iPad 5: This you can expect We have read that there is little about the iPad 5 get a better camera, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that this will be the case. According to the best man will both Apple iPad and the iPad mini 5 2 equip with an 8-megapixel camera. This is the same number of megapixels as the camera in the iPhone 4s and newer. This does not mean that the quality of photos and videos will be the same as the iPhone 5s remains currently have the best camera. Thus, the iPad still no LED flash and it seems that this will continue.

The price and release date

Finally the price, we expect that Apple will not change the iPad 5 the price. Below is what we have as the prices in the short listed the current iPad 4. Incidentally is the MSRP for an iPad 4 16GB Wi-Fi at € 499. However, this has € 505, – which is due to the private copying levy


When the iPad 5 will launch? We dare not say. The United States, Germany and the UK will in any case very quickly turn what might be the week of November 4. If something is known about a date in the Netherlands, you read that course on our website.

5 iPad Wi-Fi – All colors

5 iPad 16GB – € 505, – 5
iPad 32GB – € 605, – 5
iPad 64GB – € 705, –
iPad 5 128GB – € 805, –

5 iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular – All colors

5 iPad 16GB – € 605, – 5
iPad 32GB – € 705, – 5
iPad 64GB – € 805, –
iPad 5 128GB – € 905, –

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