Saturday, October 12, 2013

Volkswagen maintains and repairs with tablet - Computable

New technologies and materials make the maintenance of cars becoming more complex. To support the Volkswagen Volkswagen technician at work therefore presents Marta, the Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance system. Marta is working on a tablet with 3D display. The system is first applied to the Volkswagen XL1, which in 2014 is a limited edition in production.


Marta new system helps technicians in the workshop as a personal assistant. The car is linked to the smart service system, and the tablet the silhouette of the car appears. Points in this silhouette mark work to be performed. If the technician selects a point, ‘replied’ Marta with step-by-step (servicing) instructions. In addition, the necessary parts three-dimensionally displayed. Marta indicates how they should be mounted and what tools are available.

Marta has been to use the Volkswagen XL1, according to the auto supplier the most economical car with an internal combustion engine in the world now. The system can be used. Well as other Volkswagens Marta allows for fast and accurate fathom complex technologies. As a result, repair and maintenance in the future be carried out adequately and float.

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