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Hands-on: Lumia 2520 striking but inconclusive tablet - Nutech

Nokia presented Tuesday except two new Lumia smartphones Lumia his first tablet. Nutech got the chance to test.

the colorful device shortly

After years of the tablet market have left to leave, now Nokia is still a tablet. The device brings the colorful appearance of Lumia phones also to the tablet market.

That makes for a striking and beautiful tablet. The device is available in glossy red and white, and matte blue or black.

Especially the colored versions can be distinguished from most other tablets currently available. The back is made of one piece polycarbonate, the sturdy plastic that is used. Lumia phones in

With a thickness of 8.9 millimeters and weighing more than 600 grams, the Lumia 2520 relatively thin and light for a 10 inch tablet. However, the edges around the screen quite thick, and the device is not as compact as the iPad and various Android tablets.

The volume buttons on the tablet are in an inconvenient spot at the top of the screen, next to the on / off button. There is a micro-USB 3.0 connection, but that is not used to charge.

the device

Instead provides Nokia with a separate charger, which should ensure that the tablet is charging very quickly. However, this means that you can not also use your tablet to charge.

your smartphone charger


The screen itself is a full HD resolution sharp and the colors seem at first glance fine. According to Nokia, the screen is so bright that it is also in direct sunlight should be. Still useable Whether that’s right was not to test, but inside was the brightness fine.

Nokia says

mobility central to want to put the Lumia 2520. Therefore, the device can use 4G networks and the battery would take 11 hours to go.

Whether this actually is, remains to be seen during a review. Also on the camera, which Nokia during the presentation spoke extensively about, is currently little to say.

test copies of the Lumia at Nokia World 2520 just yet produced grainy images. According to a Nokia employee is the design of the camera hardware, but is still working on the software.

Other elements of the Lumia 2520 are not finished yet. Different test specimens each had their own problems. As rotating the screen of a test device at random times and did the Windows button on a device not at all.

Screen 10.1 inch
resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels (218 ppi)
OS Windows RT 8.1
Dimensions 267 x 168 x 8.9 mm
Weight 615 grams
Processor Snapdragon 800 (quad-core 2.2 GHz)
Memory 2 GB
Battery 8000 mAh
Storage 32GB MicroSD +
4G Yes

Windows RT

occurred there still delays in using Windows RT. These problems will not be resolved before the tablet comes out, but this makes it difficult now to pass on the software.

an opinion presumably

Well you may wonder why there anyway Nokia has chosen to use on the tablet. RT Windows 8.1 This system has been voiced many criticisms, but Nokia is determined to use it.

This means that Windows desktop apps will not use. Thus, the tablet less versatile and much more will depend on the meager app offerings in the Windows Store.

somewhat remedy Nokia itself provides some nice apps in 2520. Especially Lord Maps, the map service of Nokia, already looks impressive. Cards Here Maps works offline and largely contain many useful information, such as public transport, traffic and attractions.

The Nokia Storyteller app, which is also available for Lumia 1520 and 1320, looks nice. This sort photos by location and can then view them on a map so you can see where they are made.

At a Glance


Along with the Nokia Lumia 2520 will sell a keyboard, which also contains an extra battery.

Power Keyboard is all about the tablet back and makes the device thus considerably larger. Attaching the keyboard is not as easy as with the Microsoft Surface tablets. With a clip system, the cover attached, but that is more trouble than it should be.

The keyboard itself is sturdy, thick keys. They feel more like a full laptop keyboard than most keyboards supplied. Tablets at

Like other parts of the Lumia 2520 key only worked at times, making it difficult to say whether it is fine to type.

long time on the cover

The cover also has a touchpad, which is pretty big. The mouse section therefore extends considerably and is on a separate flap, which is not like the rest of the keyboard is reinforced. This ensures that the touchpad hangs down when the keyboard does not fit entirely on a table.

This will in some cases be impossible to use the touchpad. use I can not imagine a situation in which this design is just that useful, so it’s a mystery to me why Nokia has opted for.

Preliminary conclusion

Lumia 2520 has a beautiful design, but seems to be located. early further In various areas of the software was still not good and also the keyboard did not impress.

Since the device before the end of the year to appear in three countries, Nokia will have to solve.

the problems quickly

then Nokia also promises about the screen and the battery life of the Lumia 2520 knows where to, then the tablet might have a chance at the crowded tablet market.

Whether the device at all appear in the Netherlands is not yet clear. In the U.S., the Lumia 2520 sold for $ 499. The Power Keyboard costs $ 149 extra. European prices are not yet known.

: / Jeroen Crane

Image: / Jeroen Crane

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