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5 Reasons Why the iPad Air 'meh' is - Apparata

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Look at this novelty! Meh.
So, everyone recovered from all free of Apple’s Keynote? We will not look a gift horse in the mouth, but now to say we were very impressed with the iPad Air are, no.

There are increasing rumors that Apple the noble art of innovate a little lost on hitting is, and after years of first having walked there it seems more and more. The iPad Air would be the flagship, but we have five reasons why it all is what lukewarm.

1. No Touch-ID
The iPhone 5S has such a nice ring, and if you do one of your fingers on he immediately puts recognize who you are and will unlock the phone. Why has the just-released iPad Air does not it? IPad owners are not worthy of this convenience according to Apple? Oh, there must be still are to clap at the launch of the iPad 6 …

2. No 802.11ac WiFi
When a mobile device you would expect, much attention was paid to the wireless side of the story. Apple has a nice line routers equipped with 802.11ac, allowing fast transfer speeds possible. Bit by bit, the updated Macs to go support this, but the latest addition to the iPad family must make do with 802.11n. Albeit tweaked, but it is not 802.11ac and never will achieve these speeds.

3. Lack of storage or extensibility thereof
Apple stressed the iPad as a multimedia device that could replace a small laptop. We can imagine our best, in terms of computing power, the user will not go hungry. But also means large multimedia files, and with a maximum of 128GB is the cake quickly as you like with movies set to work. And the memory is not easy to expand with a Micro-SD card or something.

4. Other form factor means new cases and accessories
There is a massive market for such cases and iPads, so that’s not so much the problem. No, the fact that the Air a lot thinner and narrower than its predecessors, which all had about the same width and height, means that most speaker docks the iPad can hold. No longer fixed And that are sometimes quite expensive devices, you do not like to replace.

5. The slip is very old and not a penny cheaper as before
Admittedly, this can not charge the iPad Air directly, but Apple has a tradition at the iPhones to keep. Slip as the previous model For some reason, Apple has chosen to keep two besides. The full sized iPads the very old, having A5 iPad with dock connector Why not the iPad 3 or 4, we wonder. The price difference between the two and the Air is not large, but the gap is huge in terms of development.

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