Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Apple improves website explaining 7 iOS for iPhone and iPad -

iOS 7 explanation pages iPhone Apple has its explanation pages on iOS 7 renewed on its official English website. Under the heading ‘Basics’ all kinds of functions and operations of Apple’s new operating system explained. This is not new, but the form in which the tips are presented well. The page is now more accessible from an iPhone and iPad: you swipe your finger through the different topics around

The redesigned. pages you will learn about iOS 7 general, the telephone, mail, Safari, music, Siri, iCloud, Find My iPhone, iMessage, calendar app, photo albums, camera, maps, iTunes Store, App Store, Contacts, FaceTime, AirDrop, notifications, Control Center, Wi-Fi, AirPrint and finally institutions. On the iPhone you see only the icons of the subjects are, the iPad and desktop you see also captures at.

Each category

loads a page with the first instruction already in the picture. On that basis, tap tiles underneath to see. Other topics Unfortunately, the tiles so small that you can not see in advance what setting you are viewing. However, you can sort through the tags at the bottom of each instruction. The Dutch iOS 7 support pages are not yet adjusted.

Apple does not see the back of her tongue on iOS 7. You do not look under the heading iOS 7 or how you multitask pops up on screen, but how can you close in iOS 7 for example, he jammed an app. There we were at extremely iCulture many questions about inside when iOS 7 was just off.

Direct link: Apple’s English-language explanation of iOS 7

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