Friday, October 18, 2013

Follow-app gives iPad back to forgetful owner -

Breda / Dordrecht – A 47-year-old Dordtenaar thought to be robbed of his iPad Thursday. His volgapp suggested that his tablet in Breda had ended. The latter proved to be correct, assuming that the thing stolen was not.

The man appeared to have in a rented car, which someone else had already reissued. device are left He reported Thursday around 20:15 hours initially to the police that his iPad was stolen. He had on a tablet volgapp installed and gave signal on a street in the neighborhood Princenhage.

While agents in the street referred to a research institute, they called again to the Dordrecht. He then indicated that he had forgotten that he had used during the day. The iPad in the car loan may This turned out to be wrong, because this car had indeed been found in another in use and was referred to in the street.

permission of the new lessee by the agents was taken a look in the car. It was indeed an iPad. To be sure, the ‘Volgapp music’ which played to Dordrecht showed that it was his property. The iPad is taken to the office and is returned to its rightful owner.

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