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Twitter is finally tablet application, currently only for Samsung ... - Android World


During the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) in Berlin Sander and I saw the special Twitter Application for tablets come in a flash. When we thought for a moment that it was a mock-up for the show, but later found that Twitter was indeed working on an app that was optimized for use on the Android Tablet. Twitter was indeed a special layout for tablets to witness the beta version that came out that we could use. The app on your tablet


This application is indeed coming but Twitter will (for now), but for a tablet release and that is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (2014). Thereafter, other Samsung tablets turn and then his other Android Tablets delayed until.

This application will use some Samsung-specific features such as multi-screen when viewing a link in the browser application, a widget with default actions and breaking news for the country where you are at that moment .
course you can use the S Pen drawing on Twitter Pictures in your timeline, indeed the pen must still some.

Twitter app


You wonder why Twitter chooses a launch but a tablet and then even a tablet that is just out and is certainly not cheap. There will initially be very few people take advantage of the special tablet application.


guessing the real reason, but it is very likely that Samsung have quite damaging to this app a time may use. exclusively on its new flagship tablet in the pouch For Samsung it is again important in the fight with the iPad from Apple that has long been its own Twitter Application has.

special tablet application of Twitter will eventually be available for multiple tablets, so the rest of the world may have to wait. If you already want to use a Twitter Application with tabletlay out we recommend you TweetCaster and Plume on.

Source: TechCrunch

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