Thursday, October 17, 2013

SoundHound for iPhone and iPad: new design and music card -

sound hound Music discovery app SoundHound has been updated, with a tighter design and a new music map. The new flat design has not little to the chaotic appearance of the app know to change. Whether it is because of the commercials, the staggered front page of the layout: the interface of the app is still not completely. Even with transparent floating toolbars and buttons. Well worth the new My Map function. With this new music card users can create their musical discoveries back on an interactive map. So you see that you were in Berlin when you discovered that fine song, and that you have identified.

In the music card users results in the music map filter by time period: day, week, month or always. My Map is moreover easy to be confused with the World Map feature that was added earlier this year. The app That music card you may not view personal music moments, but you can see which songs and artists in the neighborhood or elsewhere in the world were discovered. SoundHounders to you by other This music you can sort by music genre: Rock, Urban, Country and Latin


My Folder SoundHound will discover in their own words music equate to making a picture, and serves the music map as a kind photo card or photo album (but with music). To use My Folder users must register with SoundHound and create an account. Then have them on any device access to their personal music map and search history so that no memories are lost. Finally, SoundHound also some small improvements made and the app according to the developers faster.

Download: SoundHound (free, universal, iOS 6.0)

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