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Apple Updates iPad Air: 25 percent thinner - Volkskrant

By: Thomas van der Kolk – 10/22/13, 19:25

Also Mini iPad 2 and new MacBooks unveiled

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The successor to the iPad 4 iPad called Air. This new tablet distinguishes itself from its predecessors in that it is a lot thinner and lighter. That Apple announced today during a product presentation in San Francisco. From November 1, the device is available in the Netherlands.

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    Philip W. Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, presents a new MacBook laptop.

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    Yerba Buena center in San Francisco, California, the location of the Apple presentation.

  • Airseeder this month, the 170 millionth iPad sold.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook

iPad Air is 7.5 millimeters thin, 25 percent thinner than its predecessor, and weighs 454 grams. The iPad Air also has faster graphics, faster wifi and it opens files twice as fast. All in all, the iPad Air eight times faster and has 72 times more graphical power compared to its predecessor. The device will cost $ 499.

The new iPad will be available in silver / white and gray / black. The battery lasts 10 hours. The previous model iPad2 also remains available for $ 399.

Apple has also introduced the iPad mini 2. Which has a smaller 7.9 inch retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1568 pixels. The battery lasts up to 10 hours. Both the Air and the Mini include an A7 chip.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made during the presentation also announced that Apple’s OS X operating system is free Mavericks distributed as an update, which is available from today. Cook said that the battery of a laptop last longer as OS X Mavericks it is used, up to 10 percent on new computers.

New MacBooks
Apple will continue new MacBooks. A MacBook Pro 13 inch that thinner, lighter and up to 90 percent faster than its predecessor. The battery lasts up to nine hours. The price is $ 1299.

A second embodiment has a 15 inch screen and a battery that lasts up to 8 hours longer. Which will cost $ 1999. Furthermore, a new MacBook Air shown, which comes on the market from 999 dollars.

The new Mac Pro for $ 2999 comes on the market. It is a round, black computer with a tube formation design. The device is designed to take than previous models. Much less space The computer has an internal flash memory up to ten times faster than hard disks used. In older computers Especially for editing photos and videos and making music, the new Mac Pro are ideal, according to Apple.

iPhone launch
The introduction of the iPhone 5C and 5s, last month, according to Cook was the biggest iPhone launch ever. “At the end of the launch weekend, there were 9 million units sold. ‘

There are now a total of 60 billion apps downloaded from the App Store. Developers have collectively earned $ 13 billion. Airseeder this month, the 170 millionth iPad sold, was able to report. Cook more

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