Saturday, October 19, 2013

Challenging game Skill Game for iPhone and iPad, you can now free ... - Apple Spot

Skill Game

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Sebastian Miedtank Version: 3.0 Free

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Skill Game is perhaps one of the most challenging games you’ve ever played on iOS. This game developer Sebastian Miedtank has to download from the App Store for quite some time and has received some nice updates at that time. The most recent update was launched in late August and brought support for new languages, a new icon and new obstacles.

Skill Game is a game where you have to think, just to go to work and silent fingers must have fast. All levels are randomly generated Skill Game and contain numbers that are placed. In any order Furthermore, you will see different numbers.

‘simply’ your job to sequentially connect. all the numbers together This sounds pretty easy, but the obstacles make this very difficult. Skill Game is suitable for the iPhone and iPad.


Skill Game:  Skill Game download

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