Friday, October 11, 2013

New press photo of Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet leaks out - Nutech

There is a photograph appeared on Twitter of a Nokia Lumia 2520 with the color cyan. Except in cyan, the tablet also black and white will appear.

in red,

The twitter account of @ evleaks’s Lumia 2520 in color cyan published.

According to the twitter account, which frequently leaked photos of mobile devices and there is rarely addition, the Lumia 2520 also available in black, white or red.

Lumia Nokia 2520 is hardly a secret. The black version is likely to see an image that Nokia itself sent in the world.

previously leaked already suspected press photo of a red Nokia Lumia 2520. The specifications are not yet confirmed, but it would be a 10.1 inch tablet go with a Snapdragon processor 800.

is expected that Nokia will announce the tablet at Nokia World, an event that starts on October 22. WPCentral know anything else to report that the tablet in America is for sale at the carrier Verizon, for a price of $ 499.

end of November

: / Marc Rademaker

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