Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Retina display means thicker iPad mini 2 '- Techzine

One of the major additions to the mini iPad 2 compared to the original, the Retina display according to rumors. To ensure that this is not at the expense of battery life, the iPad mini 2 rumored to be slightly larger than its predecessor.

These rumors come from manufacturers of cases for the new iPad mini. The Retina display on the iPad mini 2 has a higher resolution and has the disadvantage that a higher power. To ensure that the battery life of the iPad 2 mini not really suffer from the addition of the screen there is a larger battery in the iPad mini 2 posted.

This battery will rumored ensure the mini iPad 2 itself also increases. This sounds like a great disadvantage, but the difference is minimal. The iPad Mini 2 will be 0.2 millimeters wider, also the tablet 0.3 millimeters thicker. The case for the iPad mini 2 provide more new information. Thus it is clear that to find the microphone of the iPad mini 2 on the back of the device will be.

expected the iPad mini 2 further include a 64-bit Apple A7 chip and will device also use Touch ID verification as was also found in the iPhone 5S (review).

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