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Jewel Quest is Candy Crush Saga chase on iPhone and iPad -

Jewel Quest back on iPhone and iPad It was next Bejeweled is one of the first match 3 games you could play on the iPhone: Jewel Quest. It also had something special: by combining the colored stones on the board you behind boxes of wood for gold. A level was over when the board was gold. That old Jewel Quest Jewel Quest II you no longer find in the App Store. Publisher iWin gives the series namely a complete restart. The old games are gone and there is a brand new Jewel Quest. That does in building very reminiscent of Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush model

new Jewel Quest is no longer a game where your single amount as 1.79 euros for dough. You can only get the game for free from the App Store and have to deal with in-app purchases. The game is taking a good look at the huge success of You get levels in areas on a world map and so can you progress through the game. If you do not pass a level, you lose a life and if you are by five lifetimes, may have to wait quite a while until you can play again. Unless … you pay for in-app purchases for the game to counter that. In addition, you can buy power-ups to make the game. Easier You do that with a little coins you earn in the game itself, but that is of course a lot faster if you buy a bag of coins in the game.

Jewel Quest black holes iPhone Jewel Quest 75 levels iPhone iPhone

Temptation to in-app purchases?

Yet Jewel Quest does not feel just like geldklopperij. Indeed, it is one of those games where we feel the same as Candy Crush Saga. It feels just like an extra challenge to get without it there is money to pay for levels and that keeps the tension in the game. Payment Loos Jewel Quest games succeed especially in the beginning very nice. After 15 levels we have two lives lost and if we tap level 20, we felt the need to buy twice. A power-up If the levels are more difficult later in the game, is in need of course a lot bigger. You can still be a coin bonus on hold drag by connecting with Facebook. You will also see the scores of friends after passing levels.

Game Variations

There is something to be said to play alongside or perhaps instead of Candy Crush Saga. Jewel Quest The game has not forgotten his roots. Still you combine tiles on the board to make the background. Gold The one time you do that in a limited number of moves, sometimes within a time limit. But the time has iWin nice expanded. Sometimes there are empty spaces where you can park yourself, there are pebbles in trays where you need to swipe, certain diamonds locks that you remove by combining keys and then there are stones that necessarily the bottom of the screen to reach there. The game warns not to combine.

multiple challenges in a level

discover Jewel Quest islands Jewel Quest powerups iPhone

More challenging and more

Jewel Quest was always a pretty easy match-3 game – a fanatical follower of the idea that a casual game for in between should be especially simple. That is starting this new part or past. Just as an example Candy Crush Jewel Quest Saga is pretty exciting if you have not planned to pull your wallet. That extra challenge makes the game better than its predecessors.

Download: Jewel Quest (free, universal, iOS 5.1 +)

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