Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nokia presents its own tablets and larger phones -

‘Collection villages’ of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a modern city, so some people think that the city has no history. But that’s a mistake. Precisely because so much is gone, is the history of Rotterdam so interesting. For example, you walk on the High Street, you will notice that this street is higher than the side streets. Right, because it is the dam that was laid in 1270. Rotten in the For instance, …

Nikki Steigenga is ready for the world

Steigenga Nikki is ready for the world

From one moment to another state them in the spotlight. Literally, because student Nikki Steingenga (18) is Holland’s Next Top Model. The spirited lady comes from Overschie and greatest future. Congratulations on the victory! You must be over the moon … Yes, really! Can you believe it. It is so bizarre. I looked at my cell phone and have so much …

Renovation of the Metro-East Line expensive which D66 Amsterdam is concerned, far too long.

” East Line project is the second North / South “

The Amsterdam Court should undertake a study to the renovation of the East Line. For several years experience travelers affected by the work on the subway line. Moreover, the cost of surgery has risen sharply. About that to come up to the bottom, find D66 Amsterdam. The party is now demanding that the slowdown and financial implications extensively studied …

Video: street artist is pushed on stage and falls on girl ? Video

Video: street artist is pushed on stage and falls on girl

A street in Birmingham’s Sunday uncomfortably harassed by a passerby. The artist was pushed into his back, fell from his podium, landed on a little girl and stuck almost with his pointy ax in the baby. It reports Sky News. The police are looking for the person who like sci-fi monster Predator costumed street performer of his stage pushed. There …

Day 10: # happy lines on a beautiful autumn day 21 Photos

Day 10: # happy lines on a beautiful autumn day

Metro and Spits keep a daily space on the front lines for # happy. Here readers beautiful, self-written thoughts, wishes, sweet words or a drawing behind for the next reader. Enjoy this beautiful autumn day a selection of lines # happy Tuesday. Here is the nice, sweet and funny lines # happy that our readers on this October 22 …

Video: father crying because son passed math ? Video

Video: father crying because son passed math

You would think that achieving a pass mark in school does not make an immediate impression on parental authority. However, the boy above video that does apply. His proud father to sweep a tear away when his son shows that he has passed mathematics. The boy lays the beautiful moment fixed through a camera, he has somewhere in the kitchen in secret …

Northampton clown unmasked

‘Northampton clown unmasked’

Northampton clown, who holds the same English town for some time in its grip, is unmasked. He appeared on Friday, September 13th for the first time in Northampton. The special appearance drove the inhabitants of the town of the witless and Facebook was the clown a world. The Sunday People is now succeeded to expose the clown. Report it …

Groom forgets wife on honeymoon

Groom forgets wife during honeymoon

A German man is on his honeymoon his new wife forgotten during a stop at the gas station. Only a few hours later he came back his painful mistake. It was not the best possible start of a happy marriage. The couple was on the way to France for the honeymoon and the woman had been sleeping. In the back of their van She was in …

Creative # happy lines

Creative # happy lines

Mesut Ulku (21, student engineering and architecture) was Thursday in the train, had a Subway in his hands and grabbed a pen to draw within the lines # happy. on the loose You were in the train and when you * thought I’d draw something *? Yes. Every day I travel to Arnhem Wijchen Presikhaaf and goes with a change from 20 minutes to Nijmegen station. I was bored …

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