Thursday, October 17, 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins for iPhone and iPad Released -

Batman Arkham Origins Last weekend we read that Batman: Arkham Origins gets a real iOS version, and now this game again to download. Arkham Origins is based on the classic console title, in which you play Batman during his early years. Technically the game, however, differs iOS game from the console game: Arkham Origins on the iPhone do not go exploring, but you have to whack enemies an ever growing row together. You do this by tapping at the right times and swipe on the screen, similar to Infinity Blade and Batman:. Arkham City Lockdown

Batman : Arkham Origins shows you every time you start the game the necessary missions on a map, where you can fight to earn experience points and virtual pennies through. The richer you are, the more you are able new suits and power-ups to buy. Continuously play alone can not: the top of the screen is a stamina bar that goes down a little with each mission. Over time the bar fills up again, but you can also restore it with a second currency, which can be again. Bought for real money The game seems perfectly playable without spending money, but we were soon at an early test against the limitations of the stamina bar. After ten minutes, we had to wait again until the bar was refilled.

Batman Arkham Origins screenshot

Game Technical offers Batman: Arkham Origins not the fine workmanship that we are used to Infinity Blade. There seems to exist some unnecessary delay when switching between attack and defense, which hits you sometimes get unnecessarily. The game knows, however, also be distinguished: you can switch between two fighting positions, the more attack power and the other more defense points offers

during fights.

Download: Batman: Arkham Origins (free, in-app purchases, universal, iOS 5.0 +)

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