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Batman: Arkham Origins for iPad and iPhone -

Arkham Origins iOS is a perfect example of wrong game development. Mortal Kombat studio NetherRealm has done his best to make a good game but the basic concept is much too weak to justify the investment. The studio has been obsessed by the example and success of Infinity Blade, instead of the famous combat system of the console version.


Graphics and atmosphere are similar to the console version, many moves and unlocks

Difficulty forces sneaky to pay, boring basic concept, exhausting control

There’s a new Batman Arkham in stores, so Warner Bros. brings back a corresponding app for the mobile devices. The iOS version of Arkham Origins is a direct successor of brawler Arkham City Lockdown, itself derived again from Infinity Blade. Only this time the app is free-to-play instead of 5.50 euro.

Batman: Arkham Origins for iPad  Batman Arkham Origins for iPad

Neat one-by-one


story has not. Arkham Origins iOS A group of assassins has agreed to Batman to kill off. That’s about it. Arkham City Lockdown had some narrative elements, but they are being demolished in Origins. Batman fights against wave after wave of bad guys and their helpers. And you have to do with it. Point.

That is no exaggeration. The gameplay consists only of slapping down the bad guys one by one running towards you. You have an extensive set of moves to turn them off, but after some quick-time movements, you are mainly concerned as tapping. Buttonbasher one on your screen You can not walk or focus. Arkham Origins iOS is purely a matter of afratelen moves to the row punching bags out.

ruin by free-to-play

In the beginning it is still enjoyable to do. You as a player feel like Batman, despite the lack of stealth options, capable fighter the same as on the console. However, if you continue playing longer, begins to irritate. Several elements More and more enemies catch you clap like tanks, evade inexplicably powerful combos and you shoot through your defenses around like you do not exist. If your defense is doing it anyway, because the block button reacts for a yard on the touchscreen.

Battles are too heavy and intense, so you need to tap the screen. uncomfortable much The only thing you can do about it is your damage and armor upgrade, which will cost more and more points. Those costs run so that you have to go choose between points grind or pay real money. However you get grind impossible because you can do., But a certain number of fights per day Very faint.

Batman Arkham Origins Batman Arkham Origins for iPad


much better

We ultimately do not understand why all these silly choices are made. Arkham Origins iOS had excellent free promotional materials may be his big brother. The many cross-platform unlocks and beautiful graphics are an excellent basis for a fun iOS title. But Arkham iOS clearly wants to recoup his money on his own. We expect more gameplay than this.

NetherRealm had praised much better freeflow combat system of the console can bring. to the iPad His combat and fine pacing had yielded exciting gameplay. Gameplay that is now missing, but can be. Translated well to a tablet If we may be so bold, why not just port NetherRealm the Stealth Challenges from the console version to the iPad? That fans will appreciate more than this tiring brawler.

This game has been tested on iPad 4. A review of the console version will follow at a later date. At time of writing, review copies not yet inside.

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