Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Air iPad and the iPad Mini with Retina display -

iPad and iPad mini still spend a lot of money in the drawer at Apple, but growth in sales numbers are out, and with the success of the iPad mini also runs the amount per Apple iPad sold within recovers. Although tablets are still so sure to be successful, Apple also been keen to go.

at a slightly negative trend

Luckily on both iPads still have room for improvement. The large model used for three years and the same housing since the 3rd generation, he is also a bit heavier than before. Although Windows tablets with x86 hardware generally are heavier, there on the Android side a lot of tablets that a lot slimmer and lighter than the iPad. In addition there is within the tablet market shift to smaller screen sizes, allowing larger tablets will be.

by consumers previously labeled as too big and heavy

But the small iPad had been improvement. Tech Journalists were last year with the introduction of praise for the 7.9 “format, but the screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels was already obsolete at the time. In the Android camp had 7″ tablets since last year a resolution of 1280×800 pixels , more than the larger iPad mini. And recently increased Google and Asus that the new Nexus 7 to a whopping 1920×1200 pixels. Apple so knew what was needed: the successor to the iPad mini had a Retina display have to participate effectively


in both areas, Apple on Tuesday put good steps. The company introduced a new iPad, which answers to the name iPad Air. The name refers to the lower weight and thinner body: the weight is almost 200 grams less than the old. It was additionally shown a new iPad mini, as expected with Retina display. Immediately after the announcement we could both devices for the first time and hold on the next pages you will find our first impressions of the new iPad lineup.

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